Below is an explanation of our privacy policy and how we approach data collection. In summary, we don't collect anything or store anything unless needed to provide our clients with services and that our clients provided information with the knowledge that it would be used for such purposes.


THEY improv provides improv comedy, game shows and murder mystery dinners for entertainment options for their clients in the United States and may be asked for such services around the globe. For marketing purposes, our clients may refer to us as THEY improv Presents: Offed Broadway or even Tropical Punch Improv Presents: Offed Broadway. Our company is THEY improv, LLC. All finances and contracts are done with THEY improv, LLC, not any other entity or name for our company. We may have partners involved, but those are companies owned and operated by someone else. The references below are bound to THEY improv, LLC, and thus refer to Tropical Punch or Offed Broadway as well. The same way you might say something about Bob, but the government knows him as Robert. It covers both. Bob is just a nickname, not even a DOING BUSINESS AS.

While dealing with our clients and our prospects if important, we value the privacy of people that contact us about their events. We do not process or aggregate data in any form, and certainly do not collect any information whatsoever unless someone contacts us by phone or email. Even then, such information is not stored on-line and is not provided to any third parties in any form unless with permission and because such shared information is needed to provide service to our clients. Even then, we're not providing unneeded information, just the information needed for the providing of the services.

What information do we get and how do we get it?

There are few reasons that we ever get information about anyone.

1) Someone emails us asking for information. In this case there may be contact information in their email itself. This might include phone numbers and their email address or even a physical address. Such contact information is only used to respond and is only kept in an actual email inbox. This information is archived off-line and is never shared with others. It's possible that information may be stored throughout the web as emails go back and forth but only as any email may be done so. Including information in your standard emails is asking for such information to be shared and we have no control over those circumstances. Please remove any personal information from your emails and just share with us your email for us to respond to. Information in our control is not shared but we don't control the information before it gets to us.

2) We are asked for a proposal. For this we get basic information for a contract. This will include a physical address, phone numbers and an email address. To provide you with this contract we will usually send it in PDF format through email. The contract on our side, and you potentially sending it back signed, will never be saved in an on-line environment. Contracts are printed and the email deleted. The personal information is on the cover page and isn't required to be sent back to us and so is limited in terms of exposure. From our side it is destroyed and the information from the client is only kept for record keeping / tax purposes and is not in an online environment.

3) Credit Card or other Payment Information. If you contract with us, such information is stored physically until used and we utilize top-notch credit card clearing, etc. that does not even give us access to the data of the clients once the payment has been processed.

4) Who is responsible for the data, how it is used and processed? Our Director is responsible for handling the data, but it is never processed or given to anyone except for the express purpose of providing services. At every stage the clients are aware of the information that they have provided, why it might be used and how it might be used.

5) How can you expunge any data we might have? If you are worried at all about any information that we might have, you can always ask our Director what we might have, what we have done with it, what we might be done with it and we would be happy to answer. If you ever want any data expunged, we are more than happy to do so. Simply contact our Director and let us know. We will not accept such requests from third parties but are happy to comply with any direct requests. We need such requests from the person that we have the data of because we don't want to disrupt potential service without permission. If you have any questions about this policy, feel free to contact us using the information below or from our Contact page.


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